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"If God called us to a task, He will then qualify us for the job" - Jack Hyles


"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me" - Galatians 2:20

By Theo Sim.

As Christians we hear that a lot and may be mentioned on almost every Church service we are going every Sunday. Especially during the service when we pray together for people who submit their prayer requests for healing, financial provision, jobs, family reconciliation and other needs.

While some of these people are experiencing miracles which make us quite excited to hear about, others might end up with questions pop up inside us such as “when is my turn Lord, why it is still not happening to me?”

We then realize during our devotion time in the morning or night time before bed when we pray and read the bible that it is not right to question God that way so we ask God to forgive us and try to eliminate by confessing that same word of God in order to make that thoughts go away. The next two days, we are quite excited as the thoughts do not come back again but after three days it comes back again and sometimes even stronger than before. As much as we realize that this is the attack from the devil to questioning God about His love and faithfulness, honestly, deep down inside our heart we have this hunger and eagerness to experience the miracles like those people that we have been praying for at Church.

We know that God’s timing is not but it is only limited to our knowledge. Sometimes God allows that to happen so that our hearts are hungry and thirsty for having an encounter with Him and our faith also growing as Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith.

Like most of you, I have been Christian for many years, serving God, seeing miracles happening when I pray for other people but there are some issues inside my life that are still unsettled which raise so many questions inside me about God’s love and faithfulness.

For the past few years, our family has been struggling financially. Our business went bankrupt overseas while our daughter still enrolled at a Christian High School here in Perth and we as parents were the guarantor for her ended up unable to pay for her school fees. Our daughter had to work during weekend while went to school on weekdays to pay for her school fees but obviously her salary could not cover the outrageous amount of the outstanding school fees. At one stage during the end of year 12, she was subjected to face penalty of not being able to graduate on time. Only by the Grace of God my daughter was able to negotiate with the school and they finally allow my daughter to graduate after we gave our guarantee that we will still pay for the outstanding amount after she graduates without any idea how we are going to do that. By His Mercy, we both came to Perth end of 2015 for her graduation and stay here ever since. For the next few months, I tried to find a job here in Perth and had been unsuccessful, only rejection over rejection. My daughter was out of work for several months, so we were really struggling financially and we rely on government allowance to live by just enough to cover the rent and food but not the school fees.

Our faith was being tested for the last few months, we prayed and the only voice I heard inside me was for me to enroll into the Bible School to get my Master’s degree which I found totally strange and illogical. I could not even think how that can solve our financial problems. One time I was sitting at home and watch one of the Christian TV program when I heard one testimony of a young lady that had the same issues like our daughter and how God miraculously wrote off her debts. Suddenly, I heard that voice inside me saying that verse from Luke chapter 1 verse 37: “For with God nothing will be impossible.” (NKJV)

There were two voices raising inside me, one was confirming the word of God and the testimony that I heard, the other one was questioning whether the same thing could happen to me.

I spent the next few days with God in prayers while I also obeyed Him by enrolling to the Bible College of Western Australia for my Graduate Diploma. That verse on Luke 1:37 kept resonating and became stronger. After I had been praying for a week, I made the decision to call the lady in the business office of the Christian School that my daughter had met before to make the appointment to see her. I have not met her before so this was my first time. I remember the appointment was on the 10th of August 2016 at 10.00 am.

I arrived at school earlier and prayed before I went in to meet her. My only desire was to meet her and to tell her everything and let the Lord do the rest. Back in my mind I thought I just wanted to ask her for some deductions of the outstanding school fees. So I went to meet her and found out that she is a very friendly and nice person. She gave me the opportunity for me to share to her about our situations so I shared everything openly to her about what we had been through these past few years and I could see that her eyes were filled with tears as I shared with her.

Finally, after thirty minutes of my sharing, out of my expectation she thanked me and told me how wonderful was my testimony which made her amazed to see what our wonderful God did to us and looked after us despite all the struggles our family had been through. Wow, I had never thought about it that way because I just shared to her what we had been through and never thought that it would bless someone like her.

Then she asked me if there was anything else that she could do so I immediately asked her if she could help me about the outstanding school fees.

I almost jumped on my seat when she told me that she would write off every outstanding amount of my daughter’s school fees only if we keep it confidential, that is why I did not disclose the information of the school and person here at all. I suddenly felt that tears were flowing over my eyes, all the flood of joy, peace, love and amazement just about everything as I could not believe the miracles God has done for us but it happened.

I could not wait to tell my daughter who was still at work at the time when I came out of the meeting with joy. My daughter also could not believe it and both of were flood with tears in our eyes.

From this experience I learned some important points that I want to share with others:

1. Do not underestimate on how God can use us.

Like me, most of us think that what can my life story with full of struggles and sad experience can do to bless others? I learned that God can use anything that seems invaluable to us to become pearls to bless others. Do you have any idea how pearls are made? It is through the long and painful process before it can become a very beautiful pearl that makes a very beautiful necklace for women. This brings me to the second point.

2. God is interested in the process and not result.

I first learned about this principle from one of my spiritual father, Pastor Eddy Leo, of Abbalove Church in Jakarta Indonesia. It sounds strange to me the first time I heard him saying that but now I understand it.

God already knows what sort of miracles that we need the most but He is more interested in preparing our heart to be ready for it so when His time comes we will only Glorify Him just like what I am doing right now writing this article for you.

One of the verses that I did not like to read (as some of you may be also) is the book of James chapter 1 especially verse 1 to 8 when it talks about the testing of our faith through trials. But now, I totally agree with that verses. The trials are to test our faith so we will be faithful and produce or develop one of God’s character which is patience in order to produce or bear (perfect, complete) fruits, lacking nothing in our life to bless others. Some of you may have watched the Australian Master Chef 2016 final last month. What was the most interesting part? I do not think it is the trophy, but the process on how the last two contestants went through the final battle and how during the last few seconds towards victory Elena (the Master Chef Australia 2016) made the decision to help his opponent Matt who did not know what to do. This is what makes people still talking about it today.

Victory is absolute in our walk with God but He is more interested in building up His Character or Image in us to be manifested to others and be blessed.

3. Never question His unconditional (Agape) love for us.

No matter how we bad our situations are, how deep we fall, been in failure, bankruptcy, please do not question His Love for us and the power of His Love. Remember that our Father God loves us so much and accepts us as His children and we are precious in the eyes of Him. His Grace and Mercy is always available and sufficient for us to set us free. He wants us to have hands on experience about His Love so we can share it to others with boldness because you are the living testimony.

4. Build intimate relationship with God

This is the key and the most important one, yet also one area that is vulnerable to the enemy’s attack especially when we do not see changes in our circumstances after we spend more time with the Lord every day, we might end up in despair and losing our faith or hope. Do not give up or quit. I remember one power statement from the late Dr. Edwin Louis Cole who wrote the book “Maximized Manhood’ and the director of Christian Men’s Network that has make the worldwide Christian Men’s Ministry movement said: “Winners never quit, quitters never win.”

To win the battle with the power of darkness we cannot quit. Jesus never quit to the end also the apostles, what about us, His Children?

5. Focus on Jesus only and do not get distracted by the circumstances.

Perhaps some of you might say, “Well, it is easy for you to say but you do not understand my situation.” Trust me, my dear brothers and sisters, I used to say that too but not after I received the hands on experience of His Love. Although the devil still tries to attack me with his weapons to question God as I still have some unresolved issues in my life, but now I can easily fight back with my faith that has been built on the rock with this powerful testimony of God’s unfailing and unconditional love.

All we need is just one hands on experience, just one touch of experience or encounter of His Love and it can change us all the way around and transform our mind totally about God and His unconditional love. Not just a knowledge but an encounter and that my friend is a very big difference. Just look at Peter and Paul, how bad they were before and what about after they encountered with the power of His Love? They were all changed radically and so do we.

By the way, just be aware and believe God will not stop with only just one experience of His Love, whatever He starts he will finish it to the end. Allow me to use the illustration of a snow ball that rolls and gets bigger and bigger as our faith grows towards Him. The book of Hebrew chapter 12 verse 1 said: “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…” (NKJV)

Jesus is the author (leader) and the finisher of our faith, once He started in us He will never stop until it reaches the finish work, there is no incomplete or abandoned project in Him. y prayers are for the brothers and sisters that read my testimony to experience the power of His Love that overcomes everything in your life so that you can shine in this dark world and glorify Him. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Theo has served as a Pastor:

2014 – 2015 Pastor – Gereja Bethel Indonesia – Mandala Utara, Jakarta.

2007 – 2013 Pastor – Abbalove Ministries – Jakarta, Indonesia.

He is presently a student at the Bible College of Western Australia. He is pursuing the Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology.

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