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"If God called us to a task, He will then qualify us for the job" - Jack Hyles


"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me" - Galatians 2:20

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The Spirit of Jesus – The Best Counsellor In the Universe! By Rev. Andrew R. Hardy & Jennifer S. Hardy – Partners in Ministry. Copy Right Andrew & Jennifer Hardy. Continued from article posted on 3 June 2013 -“The Epistemology of Christian Counselling”. 2. Four Keys to Hearing the Voice of God.    2.0 Introduction. In  [ Read More ]

Jul 22


by Katie Presser. Surrendering! Surrendering! No seriously, surrendering! When I hear this word, in my mind, I picture a image of a person with their hands raised and knees to the ground and nothing but the clothes on their back! Is this person me? Is this person you? Could it be? Should it be? Surrendering  [ Read More ]

Apart from leading the ministry of the Bible College of Western Australia, I have been led to plant a cross-cultural church in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs. Since Australia is an ever increasing multi-cultural society, like the early Christians we need to apply a fresh approach in matters of “Kingdom” building after Christ’s own heart. It is  [ Read More ]

by Ramona Cook. Sometimes teachers and parents find innovative ways to indelibly communicate a lesson they need to impress on their students; my father was not a certified teacher but he certainly understood those methods, and to this day I marvel at his ingenuity. This is a true story and this part of my article  [ Read More ]

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Jul 11

Missio Dei

Missio Dei is a Latin Christian theological term that can be translated as the “mission of God,” or the “sending of God” -Wikipedia. by David Shalley. In simple terms I see the purpose of the church as being to fulfil Christ’s mission on earth.  That is to make disciples through whom Christ can be seen  [ Read More ]

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I recently received this scan from my nephew Byron who is so excited that he is going to be a father soon. Together with his wife Natalie, they are living out in eager ‘expectation’ the remainder of a nine month term before their fully fledged child is launched [born] into the atmospheric pressure of our  [ Read More ]

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by Cherry Stevenson. Since knowing Jesus we have become new, our old way of life is no more.  We are new creatures in Christ, so then putting on the armour of God enables us to stand and hold on to what we have been given. Paul’s exhortation is for the believers’ in Christ to “STAND  [ Read More ]

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  America’s Change of Mind on Same-Sex Marriage and LGBTQ Rights. If America is changing its mind on same-sex marriage, what is underneath this shifting perspective? And what is happening with regard to the Christian community and perspectives on same-sex issues? Social shifts as monumental as this one don’t happen overnight. So Barna Group has  [ Read More ]

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  For Freud, dreams were just a way of fulfilling one’s wishes. He propagated that human beings overcome the world of senses [the real world] by means of dreaming [the world of our wishes]. Are dreams the world of our wishes? I suppose one can say “yes” and “no” but rather than get all Freudian,  [ Read More ]

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